Siwin Lo


I am a New York-based software engineer and writer specializing in React, Javascript, and Node, passionate about building effective solutions with user-experience in mind. My doctoral research examined the adoption of digital tools for making and viewing paintings and the reuse of extant imagery from the 1960s to the present. I have written and presented on various topics in modern and contemporary art with particular emphasis on painting and digital media.





Artopod is a single-page, progressive web application built using React, Redux, Express, Sequelize, AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Heroku, and Github Projects.

Perfect for the busy lifestyles of New Yorkers, and inspired by location-based apps like Tinder and Yelp, Artopod helps users find art exhibitions close by without the overwhelming choice and cumbersome nature of traditional listings.


Octopus’s Garden

Octopus's Garden is an ecommerce platform providing aquatic plants built using React, Redux, CSS flexbox/grids, Google OAuth; RESTful API built using Express, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL, and the result of my collaboration with 3 engineers at Grace Hopper.

We implemented Agile principles and test-driven development using Mocha, Chai, and Enzyme.


What Should I See This Week

What Should I See This Week is a React app that picks a random show for you to see this week from an external API.

Built using Javascript, HTML, and CSS in addition to React, this app is mobile-responsive, allowing you to spontaneously pick an art exhibition on any device.



Roamie is a travel companion mobile app that provides suggestions on places and activities to explore and record.

Built collaboratively with three engineers at Grace Hopper using React Native, Redux, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Google Maps API, Yelp API.

More to come…

Keep checking back for new projects!



Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy of Code| Software Immersive Teaching Fellow | November 2019 to February 2020

  • Teaching full-stack JavaScript concepts and best practices to 30+ students

  • Managing student projects from ideation to deployment as technical mentor and code reviewer in agile workflow

  • Administering technical interviews to prospective students in Javascript

  • Answered help tickets, debugged students' code

Brooklyn College | Graduate Teaching Fellow/Instructor | September 2016 to May 2019

  • Built an Online Educational Resource (OER) for undergraduate courses

  • Taught art history courses to 300+ students

  • Taught students and faculty Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wordpress

Martha Rosler Studio | Archival Assistant | May 2015 to September 2015

  • Digitized and catalogued over 30 years of photographs, slides, VHS

  • Devised database and data entry workflows using Asana, Slack, and FileMaker Pro


The Grace Hopper Program, Fullstack Academy | 2019 | 17-week Software Engineering Immersive | link

PhD Candidate in Art History, Level III (ABD) | The City University of New York–Graduate Center

MPhil, Art History | 2018 | The City University of New York–Graduate Center

MA, Art History | 2015 | University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC | Thesis: "Work and the Work of Art: Agnes Martin 1959–1964" | link

BA, Art History | 2013 | University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC


Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies | Summer 2019

Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies | Summer 2018

Doctoral Fellowship | Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada | 2015-2020

Summer Archival Research Grant | Lost and Found, Center for the Humanities, 2016

Ian Wallace Award in Art History | University of British Columbia | 2015

Hugo E. Meilikie Memorial Fellowship | University of British Columbia | 2015

Joseph-Armand Bombadier Scholarship—Master’s | Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada | 2013-2014

Helen Belkin Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts | University of British Columbia | 2013

Dean of Art’s Prize in Visual Literacy | University of British Columbia | 2013

Canadian Society for Asian Arts Prize | University of British Columbia | 2012


"Cleverbot Conversation RSQ00962246." For Machine Use Only: Contemplations on algorithmic epistemology. Edited by Mohammed Salemy. &&& and Gwangju Biennale: New York and Gwangju, 2016. Print.

“Superconversations Day 28: Siwin Lo responds to Hu Fang, ‘Why We Look at Plants, In a Corrupted World’,” e-flux conversations (June 2015). link.

Vikky Alexander: The Temptation of St. Anthony. Catalogue essay. The Apartment Gallery: Vancouver, 2015. Print. 


Rodney Graham at 303 Gallery, Canadian Art [online], March 2019. link.

Indicators: Artists on Climate Change at Storm King Art Center, Canadian Art [print], Fall 2018.

Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing, The Brooklyn Rail [online], March 2018. link.

Alice Aycock: The Turbulence Series." The Brooklyn Rail [online], November 2017.  link.


Editorial committee. "Issue 11: BLOOD AND EARTH AND SOIL," Shift: Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture, 2018. Online. link. 

Assistant editor. Silvia Federici and Arlen Austin, Wages for Housework: The New York Committee, 1972–1977: History, Theory, Documents. New York: Autonomedia, 2017. Print. link.


Participant, Museum Research Consortium Study Sessions, The Museum of Modern Art, 2019.

“Becoming Digital, Becoming Textile: Medium and Mediation in the Lives of The TreeA Symposium on the History of Art. Presented by the Frick Collection and the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, April 27–28, 2018. link.

Invited panelist. Here/Say: Framing, Part III [Criticisms]. Barnard College, New York. November 27, 2017. link.

“Spaces of Possibility: The Location and Production of Knowledge and Narrative in Painting." 33rd Annual Society for Interdisciplinary French 17th Century Conference, London, Canada/Société d’Études Pluridisciplinaires du XVIIe Siècle Français, London, Canada, October 2014. link.

“Re-take of Amrita: A Genealogical Look At Vivan Sundaram’s Photographic Intervention.” 70th Annual South Eastern College Art Conference, Sarasota, Florida, October 9, 2014. link.

“The Canned and the Wooden: Irony, the Readymade, and Native-Art-as-Usual.” Assimilation, Appropriation, and Autonomy: Cultural Influence, Borrowing, and Resistance in the Arts, University of California Riverside’s Third Annual Graduate Student Conference, Riverside, CA, May 2014. link.

“Botschaft e.V.: The Corporation as Medium and Message." Visual Impetus VII: Conceived, Created, and Consumed, University of Victoria Art History Graduate Student Conference, Victoria, Canada, January 2014. link.

“Laughter in an Unspeakable Silence: Irony, Vernacular Wood, and Native-Art-as-Usual.” 9th Annual University of British Columbia Undergraduate Art History Symposium, Vancouver, Canada, March 2013.


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